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Reviewing the website it seems you have two navigation menus, one at the top and one at the left. I would suggest making the only menu the top one

It seems a lot of the features there should be under a common page as it looks right now looks crowded, messy..not good for general users (not developers)

Under support could have chat, bugs, questions and all community

I would have

Support or Community
Blog (Planet isnt such a descriptive name for persons not familiar)

the home page should showcase qgis, maybe visit a few websites you may like and borrow ideas

Finally a wireframe of your proposal, or a dev website for review would be easier to comment than text comments since we have to imagine how it would look

when making a website you first create the visual component maybe using inkscape and once design is final you code it

the site needs to be updated to 2013 standards

my view only, and I also find the current site horrible to navigate and get answers, looks more designed for coders than users

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Hi all.
Back from a short meeting with Otto, Werner, Raynold, and Alessandro.
Main conclusions:
* we should move all the nerdy stuff to another section of the site,
quite separate (but readily accessible) from it
* as a consequence, the user website should be even leaner and
simpler, listing only the info really essential for the users
* we need to improve the current script to build up the website based
on current GH, so everybody can see and comment the results
* we need a suitable theme, but we can publish the pages with the
current one until we find a better one
* we *need help* on a small but important issue: adding links to the
table of content, in the form:

.. toctree::
    :maxdepth: 2


works, but the resulting link has a label "None". Does anybody know
how to add a proper label to it? I tried with the normal rst syntax
`Plugins <http://plugins.qgis.org>`_ but it does not work.
This is a stumbling block for the publication.
* in the meantime, we are migrating content.

Thanks to all.
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