[Qgis-developer] Missing plugins

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Sat Apr 13 07:52:46 PDT 2013

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Hi all.
This is a list of the plugins available only in the old repo, after
removing those who are superseded by others or otherwise useless:

AutoGCP 0.5
Elevation 0.1.0
Find by Attribute 0.4.1
Forest Management Toolkit 1.002
Image Boundary 1.1
Image show or hide 0.6
ImdAws 0.1
MapSheetAutoGeoRef 2.02
Map Themes Builder 0.1.1
Measuring Vegetation 0.2
MeP 0.01
P2P QGis 0.0.9
PostGPS 0.3
pyArchInit 0.4.3
QgisSRTM 0.1.8
Rectangles, Ovals, Diamonds 0.1.7
scattergramm Identify 0.3.1
SDA4PP 0.201
Spectral Profile 0.7.0
Split Feature 0.1
terralibpglayer 0.1
Visibility Analysis 0.1.0
Zip Layers 0.2

Of these, the majority are broken, or of very limited use. I invite
users who need one of these to do their best to have them back,
contacting the original developer and asking to fix them and upload
them to the new repo. Surely a contribution could help speeding things up.
I would suggest anyway to mass import these to the new repo, and mark
them as deprecated, so they would not be installable (see my other
mail). In this way the code will be readily available for those
interested in adopting them and migrate to the new API, or anyway
reusing it, but they will not interfere with the rest. After this, I
suggest to shut down the old repo, with the release of qgis2 at latest.

All the best.

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