[Qgis-developer] Python Documentation

Matthias Kuhn matthias.kuhn at gmx.ch
Mon Apr 15 06:38:49 PDT 2013

Hi all,

As already mentioned at the Hackfest, I would really like to see a
Python API documentation.

At the moment, there is only the standard API documentation available,
which lists lots of functions, which are available for core development
only, sometimes the signature is not the same (e.g. a method might
return a tuple for two return values in python and take a reference
where it will write the result value into in C++) and it can be, that
some python-specific accessors are available (e.g. attributes as a dict,
constructor as __init__ )

This does not make it very easy to develop python plugins (I'm sometimes
reading sip-Files to know, what I'm supposed to do).

I would propose, we add a second API documentation, targeted at python
developers. I tried today to compile a python API with doxygen from the
sip files. This kind of works and lists only the methods which are
really available, but still in a C++ style (you shouldn't know if it's a
pointer, reference or whatsoever in python). Of course all this stuff
could also be described in the comments, but it would be nice to have
something like the PyQt documentation [1]

Does anybody know, how to produce such an output?
And would there be somebody willing to take over the lead and/or
maintenance for this? It would be a nice thing to have for the plugin

Best regards,


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