[Qgis-developer] Icon theme update

Ramon Andiñach custard at westnet.com.au
Tue Apr 16 06:39:31 PDT 2013

On 16/04/2013, at 20:14 , Tim Sutton wrote:

> Hi
> On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 6:24 PM, Larry Shaffer <larrys at dakotacarto.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Since adding back the old default as a 'classic' theme choice is fairly
>> straightforward, only taking about an hour to do, I suggest the following:
>> It isn't done for a couple of weeks.
>> Here's my reasoning. If we are all looking at only the new default theme and
>> helping develop that into a complete and cohesive look for 2.0, then those
>> who are working on it will benefit greatly by the entire dev community's
>> focus.
>> I also think Robert's and other's reworking of the default icon set to
>> address color and useability concerns needs the full focus and support of
>> the community for it to have a good chance at success. If right before GUI
>> freeze (~ 2 weeks), the new theme is assessed and there is still a
>> consensus, or maybe a vote, that there should be a second project-supported
>> choice, then the 'classic' theme can readily be put back in.
>> Please let me know what you think of that approach.
> My 2c. I was also hesitant about switching to the new GIS theme - I
> have ~ten years of using the old theme so it was hard to make the
> switch. However the last few months I have been using exclusively the
> GIS theme and I must say you will get used to it and start to
> appreciate it for its visual consistency. I think there are a lot of
> benefits to having only one theme - some of which Larry had described
> above. Also we will have less 'stuff' in our source tree, QGIS will be
> readily identifyable in screenshots, screencasts and publications etc
> - it will go a long way to creating a unified image and brand for our
> project.

I'd like to echo what Tim's saying.

I've been using the new theme for a little while too, and am now more than happy to accept the apparent greyness (looks blue-ish to me) because it lets the colours for the rest of the icon stand out - which is to my mind the important part.
(For instance I find myself looking for the new vector layer icon, by looking roughly where all my layer icons are and looking for a small gold badge, which I'm finding to be much quicker)

I'm particularly impressed with the consistency of the icons in the newer gis theme.

It's really nice work.


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