[Qgis-developer] fTools and GdalTools: sextante vs original plugins

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Tue Apr 16 23:13:58 PDT 2013

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Il 17/04/2013 07:42, Anita Graser ha scritto:

> I see. So you'd suggest to keep only Sextante code (where duplicates exist!) but
> provide shortcuts from the menu? I'd +1 that. 
> I've been testing a variety of functions in the menus and in Sextante over the last
> days and there are always some broken ones. Neither "package" is without major bugs
> today.
> We need to get it together for 2.0 and that's easier if we can focus on one.

Hi all.
My proposal:
* leave the duplication for 2.0
* go towards removing it for 2.1, *only* when a full testing framework is in place,
and we are *sure* everythiong is working properly
* leave shortcuts for the most commonly used functions (maybe a poll can help here),
and possibly an option "add to shortcut menu" for the user
* leave the commandline available for the programs that allow running it straight
away (gdal, grass, saga, ?), so users can reuse them in scripts etc.
All the best.
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