[Qgis-developer] Sextante test drive

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Fri Apr 19 22:37:01 PDT 2013

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Hi all.
Yesterday I have shown Sextante in an advanced course. Here my conclusions:

* in Sextante options, General entry should always be the first, Modeler second, and
Script third
* the name of the settings is an editable field, which seems inappropriate
* the Settings column should be wider, at the expense of the Value column;
alternatively, text should be wrapped
* when activating the new "Use categories to classify...", only a few algorithms are
shown; I understand the need to simplify things, but I'm still unsure if it's
appropriate to limit users' choice
* IMHO OTB is a big plus for Sextante, as it brings many brand new functions,
unavailable in most other desktop GIS; so I suggest to:

  * include OTB in the standalone win package (easy, as it is already in osgeo4w)
  * add its default path according to the running distro; for users, adding it by
hand can be difficult
  * I noticed that the Mean shift segmentation produces a vector with the Y axis inverted

* Saga seems the first choice for many analyses; it is therefore essential to have it
easily available by default in all major distro (at least deb and ubuntu) and in
standalone packages (win, osx); any blockers for this?

* Taudem should be added to OSGeo4w, possibly also to the standalone package.

Overall, there is great excitation, and users are looking forward for 2.0, with
Sextante in bright light!

All the best, and thanks.
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