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> Hi all,
> There is now another poll with some more designs:
> http://99designs.com.au/logo-design/vote-9qwk3a
> All polls can be found at:
> http://99designs.com.au/logo-design/contests/qgis-needs-logo-210397/polls

In case you've added any more polls, note that this page is not visible without a logon.

> - Nathan

FWIW, I think that #336 is really good, but it was probably added to late to be really noticed.

A couple of people said they like the other variations of it, by I think the one which has the triangle on the Q in a different colour is no good because it isn't clear enough that it is a Q.  Even in #336 I guess it might not be clear enough, but the triangle does seem cool compared to a regular stroke on the Q...

Of course, I'm still not convinced it is better than the proposal here:

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