[Qgis-developer] Make QGIS interact with LibreCAD.

Bernhard Ströbl bernhard.stroebl at jena.de
Mon Apr 22 05:08:05 PDT 2013

Am 22.04.2013 14:01, schrieb Ivan Mincik:
> On 04/22/2013 12:52 PM, Bernhard Ströbl wrote:
>> Hi Diego,
>> some of my users with more complex editing tasks (and familiar with CAD
>> software) are complaining about not having similar possibilities in QGIS
>> and I admit that our CAD has much more to offer in that respect
>> (snapping, construction), so thanks for the move.
>> IMHO the best would be to have CAD-like functions in QGIS (strategy #1)
>> because
>> 1) many people missing these functions already might use some CAD or
>> another to get their work done and are exchanging data between the two
>> systems (with all problems), so strategy #2 would simply exchange their
>> CAD software (if they are willing to change)
>> 2) and more important: many things that work in CAD do not work in GIS
>> and vice versa, e.g. CAD: line color, hatching, dimensioning...., GIS:
>> attributes. Splines could be resolved into polylines, resembling the
>> original spline, though. In short words: CAD is about drawing, GIS is
>> about data modelling. So if you have the functions in QGIS you can more
>> easily prevent users from doing silly things.
>> my 2 ct
>> Bernhard
> I totally agree with Bernhard. Extending his CAD tools is the best solution.

No, no, CAD tools is Stefan Ziegler's extension, see [1]


[1] http://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/cadtools/

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