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Firstly, not sure if this post should go here or to
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If my coin flip directed me to the wrong place, my apologies:

Before stating the question, some background:
The question pertains to the Q-Rap Radio Planning Tool (
http://www.qrap.org.za/) that is a plugin for QGis. The project works
nicely and the core functionality is quite mature. The plugin is however
not in a state to be submitted for distribution through the QGis plugin
machinery yet. The install procedure seems to be a stumbling block for most
users. Work to get the plugin in a QGis distributable state is on the
cards, but there is a lot of work to be done and few hands. In the mean
time, we would like to relieve the users of having to jump through hoops.

Please critique and/or give guidance on what we think would be a good
interim compromise.

Q-Rap Install Plugin:
We are playing with the idea to build a Python plugin as per guidelines
given for QGis Python plugins.
The idea is that this pure QGis compliant Python plugin can be distributed
through the QGis plugin machine, giving exposure and easy access.
The Q-Rap Install plugging job will be to automate the build and
installation of the currently non-QGis compliant C++ code. (The stuff
current and prospective users are required to do)
The build process under the plugin will be standard CMake approach.

What the Q-Rap Install Plugin will be doing:
-Check and advice user if current OS platform is supported
-Checkout the required source code
-Check/install required application (Posgresql, PostGis)
-Check/install required libraries.
-Kick of CMake build process and check results.
-Create Posgresql users and database
-Kick of second CMake build process to compile app, that will create
database structure
-Kick of app to create the database structure
-Kick of process to populate database with sample/test database.

After the Install plugin has done its job, the actual Q-Rap plugin will be
available in QGis ready for use.

The rationale is that we can get Q-Rap setup for the user in a semi QGis
way, without breaking QGis requirements.  As stated, we need to do a lot of
work to get Q-Rap into a native distributable state. We also think that it
will take us significantly longer to get Q-Rap in a native QGis state than
this interim solution.

Thank you kindly,

Johan Ballot
Q-Rap: http://www.qrap.org.za

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