[Qgis-developer] 'File' versus 'Project'

Ramon Andiñach custard at westnet.com.au
Wed Apr 24 03:21:12 PDT 2013

On 24/04/2013, at 05:55 , Ramon Andiñach wrote:

> On 24/04/2013, at 04:28 , John C. Tull wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I was having some discussion on IRC today with Tim and Larry about the recent change to the menu in trunk. Before, the menu used "File" and that was changed to "Project". My position is that it does not seem Mac-like, whether or not a QGIS document resides in the filesystem as a .qgs file or if your "Project" is fed from a database, something apparently planned for the future of QGIS.
>> I'd be interested in feedback from other Mac users on this. I'm flexible to the change, but wanted to vet this and see if anyone else had a strong opinion one way or the other. Please make it clear if you are a Mac OS X user or not.
>> Thanks,
>> John
> Interesting. I'd say this is going to look as odd at home on my mac as at work on their windows box. No file menu - that's going to look very unfamiliar.
> That said, it's a good name. It does describe what's in there - those commands work on the project-file not a layer-file.
> -ramon.

Ok. I've been standing at the bottom of a large-ish hole today, so if this sounds like a dumb idea that's my excuse.

Could we move Layer across next to Project?

Some reasoning.
1. If we're abandoning File in favour of Project, then there's possibly no reason to retain Edit next to it either. Other than historical ones.
2. Project and Layer are largely about opening, closing, saving (and other similar things) files. Project files in one menu and Layers (vectors, rasters, DB, etc) in the other.
3. Then you have a more logical progression from left to right about how to use QGIS. (Open stuff, change stuff)

(OK, 1. is not so good, but it does open the door to ask questions!)

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