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Wed Apr 24 11:31:55 PDT 2013

Hi William,

On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 9:24 AM, William Kyngesburye
<woklist at kyngchaos.com>wrote:

> Just a note: I'll be bundling OTB and SAGA in the OS X package.  I already
> have code in sextante to automatically find the bundled copies.

Why bundle instead of having a separate installer (like is done with the
base GDAL frameworks, etc.)? Same question for the osg/earth frameworks.

Also, when you get things situated for the release and you have time, I
would appreciate any build notes, so I can add such support to the nightly



> Maybe I'll look again at Taudem.  I think when I looked at it a year ago I
> was put off by Windows/Arc-centric nature of it.  ... ugh, just a quick
> browse of the source doesn't look good - mix of windows and unix line
> endings in some files needs to be fixed (maybe the compiler doesn't care,
> but it's hard to read), and assumption of available headers/libraries, like
> MPI.  This may not be an option for OS X, at least in the near future.
>  It's also disappointing that the author didn't use libtiff, so that taudem
> could support lzw compression and bigtiff.
> On Apr 20, 2013, at 3:52 AM, Victor Olaya wrote:
> >> * in Sextante options, General entry should always be the first,
> Modeler second, and
> >> Script third
> >> * the name of the settings is an editable field, which seems
> inappropriate
> >> * the Settings column should be wider, at the expense of the Value
> column;
> >> alternatively, text should be wrapped
> >
> > I have been thinking about changing all the options dialog. Doesn't
> > look hard to do, so you can count on having this ready soon
> >
> >> * when activating the new "Use categories to classify...", only a few
> algorithms are
> >> shown; I understand the need to simplify things, but I'm still unsure
> if it's
> >> appropriate to limit users' choice
> >
> > It's limited now for two reasons:
> >   1) The classification of algorithms is done manually...and it is
> > boooooring to do :-) SAGA and QGIS ones are already done, but I have
> > to do the GRASS ones. However I am not sure about including GRASS, it
> > is more complex to use. You can use a SAGA algorithm without knowing
> > what SAGA is, but to use a GRASS one, you need to understand some
> > GRASS ideas, so it is an advanced process, and the simplified
> > algorithm classification shouldn't assume that. You can always change
> > to the advanced view to use GRASS (now you can change directly from
> > the toolbox, no need to go to the config dialog)
> >   2) I would like to have in that list, only those algorithms that
> > need no extra configuration, to make that the default and have it
> > working out-of the box. That's why R and OTB, for instance, are not in
> > there.
> >
> >> * IMHO OTB is a big plus for Sextante, as it brings many brand new
> functions,
> >> unavailable in most other desktop GIS; so I suggest to:
> >>
> >>  * include OTB in the standalone win package (easy, as it is already in
> osgeo4w)
> >>  * add its default path according to the running distro; for users,
> adding it by
> >> hand can be difficult
> >>  * I noticed that the Mean shift segmentation produces a vector with
> the Y axis inverted
> >
> > good idea. If OTB goes into osgeo4w, I could add the OTB algorithms to
> > the simplified list of algorithms
> >
> > I still have to send Jurgen the SAGA package as we discussed it in the
> > Hackfest. We can put both SAGA and OTB, and taht would really give a
> > lot of power to SEXTANTE
> >
> > Thanks for your ideas!
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