[Qgis-developer] r.random.raster

Victor Olaya volayaf at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 03:39:16 PDT 2013

> * the analysis fails

There is a typo in the call, I just found out that it says "randon"
instead of "random". Easy to fix

> * apparently a v.voronoi is executed together with the desired r.random.raster

This is the test to see that GRASS is installed. It will not be
performed again once it has passed

> * the help is missing, and a 404 web page is shown instead.

It seems they moved the help docs in the  GRASS website. I will try to
redirect it.

One note: this module might have some problems with the extent and
cellsize, since it takes no input layer, so no automatic extent can be
used. i will check it later today, and fix it if needeed


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