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Alister Hood Alister.Hood at synergine.com
Tue Apr 30 21:59:07 PDT 2013

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> Hmmm. I had never heard of Wassermann's hand, so that's just a coincidence.
> The hands represent dev's and user's hands, all working on the project
> together, but from different parts of the world and from different
> disciplines, which are represented by three elemental colors: brown
> (geology, landscaping, city planning, etc.), green (biology, forestry,
> etc.), blue (hydrology, oceanography, etc.).
> Regards,
> Larry

Neat, a logo with a nice story :)

Nathan, how is the final selection going to work?
Can we narrow the choice down first where there are a number of very similar versions by grouping them together as one (e.g. 338/336/340/335 or 2/388/393/334/333/332/331)?


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