[Qgis-developer] fixes for python-sip 4.15

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Sun Dec 1 03:16:23 PST 2013


being a newbie in gis affairs and therefore in QGIS, I would like to say 
warmth hello. 

Not being a newbie for python nor python-{sip,qt*} affairs, I noticed some 
issues of QGIS with sip 4.15 onwards. It was a rather noticeable update, as 
many complex bindings broke. Thankfully, the fixes are easy enough: it boils 
down to declare some missing private methods in the respective sip files.

Please see attached patches. What do you think? 

I noticed, that these issues are tackled differently in the current git: 
they're moved to protected methods. This is rather suboptimal, since due to 
sips "protected is public" trick, the whole protection is void.

BTW, I build my stuff in the public: 


and attempt to feed my fixes upstream (with this message) as well as to the 
more prominent openSUSE feeds (Application:Geo), but the submit request is 
still pending.

While at it, I noticed a long stream of error messages related to srs.db 
handling during build. A crude fix for that is also attached, but I have to 
admit, that I didn't fully grok the details of the database handling in this 
regard. I first concentrated on getting a clean build. Hence, I included the 
sample data as an additional package. 

Now, the hopefully soon to be available packages for openSUSE are in a much 
better shape than before. Somebody with a deeper builder and user experience 
taking a look is highly appreciated, especially related to the available 
extensions. Which one's are really open source, which is a prerequisite for 
being build on the OBS?

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