[Qgis-developer] New mailing list for spanish speaking users and developers

Pablo Sanxiao psanxiao at icarto.es
Mon Dec 2 03:44:38 PST 2013

As one of the results of the QGIS Weekend[1] event that took place in 
Galicia (Spain) last weekend, a new mailing list for spanish speaking 
users has been created:


We would like to thank to Paolo Cavallini for facilitating the mailing 
list creation and invite to all spanish users and developers to join to 
the list.


[1]: http://qgisweekend.xeoinquedos.eu/

Pablo Sanxiao
iCarto | Innovación, Cooperación, Cartografía y Territorio S.L.

c/ Rafael Alberti nº 13 – 1º D
15008 A Coruña
Galicia (Spain)
+34 881927808

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