[Qgis-developer] No Zoom to selected point

Vincent Mora vincent.mora at oslandia.com
Tue Dec 3 07:40:15 PST 2013

I observed the same behavior (qgis master) with two points alligned on x 
(a very simple layer indeed).

On 02/12/2013 12:15, Bernhard Ströbl wrote:
> Dear devs,
> today I stumbled on a strange behaviour when zoooming to a point.
> To reproduce: load a point layer, select one feature in the table and 
> click "Zoom to selection". The result is the same as if clicking "Pan 
> map to Selection", i.e the map is panned but not zoomed.
> I _think_ this is because the bounding box of the selected feature has 
> a width and height of 0. Try 
> iface.activeLayer().boundingBoxOfSelected().width()/.height() in the 
> Python console.
> Geometrically speaking this is correct but as the zoom to selected 
> function builds on a bounding box with width/height > 0 the outcome 
> for the user is bad.
> My suggestion would be to define a small rectangle around the bounding 
> boxes' center if it has size 0 in the zoomToSelected function.
> Tried with QGIS 2.0.1 and current master
> Shall I file a ticket for this?
> Bernhard
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