[Qgis-developer] Vincenty's Formulae

Jorge Tornero - Listas jtorlistas at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 23:36:27 PST 2013

Dear all.

I'm currently working on a python plugin for QGIS which deploys points 
along lines on a given distance basis. The lines, say transects, are 
created placing an initial point and then providing a bearing for the 
line. Then, n stations/smapling points are deployed in its place.

I'm using Vincenty's Formula to get the coordinates for the points. So 
far, I've found an python implementation for this, but I haven't been 
able to know under which license is released the code, as far as I have 
found the code in a forum 
but the link provided in the message for the original code can't be 

As far as I know, in QGIS API there is no direct Vincenty's formula to 
compute in this way (point, azimuth/bearing + distance to destiny), and 
I want to make the plugin dependence-free as possible, so my questions are:

1) Do you know if, in QGIS API, is there and usable implementation of 
Vincenty's direct formula?
2) Is it fair to copy the code posted in the forum as is? (auto-answer: 
I don't think so....)
3) In this case, how should it be credited in my code?
4) Should be better to reimplement it in a class apart and release it 
under GPL3? is this possible?

By the way, the plugin name will be Transectizer... any better ideas?

Best regards,

Jorge Tornero

Instituto Español de Oceanografía
Centro Oceanográfico de Cádiz
Cádiz, Spain


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