[Qgis-developer] About a 'directed' LINESTRING (e.g. for oneway streets)?

Stefan Keller sfkeller at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 05:53:02 PDT 2013

I'm designing a spatial database and like to introduce a LINESTRING where
the direction is important, e.g. to describe a oneway street or a water
pipe. I indicate this by another attribute, e.g. "direction: BOOLEAN", or
"direction: ENUM(both, as_is, reverse)

A "directed line" means that the order of the coordinates of a linestring
value is important - like in a directed graph - and needs to remain the
same whatever happens to it e.g. when importing, storing, retrieving,
analysing or rendering...

Does anybody have had any issues to manage "directed lines" in QGIS (OGR,
extensions, etc.)?

Yours, Stefan
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