[Qgis-developer] Pull request responsibility

Matthias Kuhn matthias.kuhn at gmx.ch
Thu Sep 5 07:52:45 PDT 2013


The last couple of months, (almost?) every pull request has a core
developer assigned. I personally think, the idea is good to make
somebody responsible for the pull request (who can pass it on if
required of course) so they don't get forgotten.

However, I just found a pull request which is assigned to me and I
didn't realize before. Same happened already several times, when asking
an assigned developer about the status, he normally didn't know about
his assignment. At the same time, others will hesitate from taking care
of a pull request assigned to somebody else.

Now, I guess somebody is assigning these? Is this done by any criteria?
And has somebody found a solution to get notifications about assignments
or have a list of one's assigned pull requests? Is there a plan for the
process of pull requests, so they don't just pile up until we totally
loose the overview?


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