[Qgis-developer] MapAction QGIS plugin development: data management and metadata harvesting

Antony Scott antony.scott at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 07:33:40 PDT 2013


Assuming this is the appropriate place to post, this to let anyone who
might be interested know that MapAction has put together some requirements
for QGIS plugin(s) which come from its RAMP project (Resilient Action for
Mapping Preparedness), whose aim is to help build capacity in information
management and GIS amongst agencies dealing with humanitarian disaster

The requirements (which are still being added to), plus a prototype QGIS
plugin which implements some of them, have been published as a GitHub
repository (RAMP-QGIS) at https://github.com/mapaction/RAMP-QGIS. The aim
is to extend QGIS to support users in file and data management, and in
metadata harvesting and exploitation, building on work done at an
AGI/MapAction hackathon earlier in the year, and on internal MapAction
development work.

We are hoping that developers and others will want to get involved either
by contributing directly, or by helping us develop and manage the process –
this model of development is new to MapAction, so any support we can get in
making it productive both for us and others who might find the outputs
useful will be really welcome.

If there's anywhere else people think it might be useful to post (QGIS
Users?), let us know, but in the meantime please pass this on to anyone who
you think might be interested, and post any questions or comments either
here or on the GitHub site.

Many thanks

Ant Scott, MapAction
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