[Qgis-developer] [Qgis-user] QGIS 2.0.1 does not start on 32-bit Vista SOLVED

Anita Graser anitagraser at gmx.at
Tue Sep 24 15:11:08 PDT 2013

Please check the existing tickets. Now that you mention it, I remember some
discussion about old plugins which made it into the installer by mistake.
Delimited text seems to be one of those.
Thanks for the feedback and best wishes
On Sep 24, 2013 11:10 PM, "Jukka Rahkonen" <jukka.rahkonen at mmmtike.fi>

> Jukka Rahkonen <jukka.rahkonen at ...> writes:
> I removed all Python plugins and all dll plugins and copied them back one
> be
> one and I found that the beast is this one:
> delimitedtextplugin.dll date 2013-07-30
> If is in the plugin directoty the result is always a crash but if I remove
> is then program starts.
> Does any of the developers read this list or should I make a ticket from
> this myself?
> -Jukka Rahkonen-
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