[Qgis-developer] Adding icons in map composer

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Fri Sep 27 23:25:13 PDT 2013

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Il 27/09/2013 21:22, Larry Shaffer ha scritto:

>> Not sure what you mean exactly. Please see issue #7764 [0] for an explanation of how
>> that combobox works (i.e. not as a filter).

oh, now I see, thanks. however, with several paths added, the list is barely usable
as it stands.

>> When looking to add a non-embedded widget for selecting SVG backgrounds for labels, I
>> opted to extract Arun's GSoC project embedded symbology selector code to a standalone
>> class, QgsSvgSelectorWidget [1].There is an issue [2] for using this to replace the
>> one in Composer; however, there are several design decisions to be made/coded before
>> that can happen:

>> Any opinions on this would be greatly appreciated. While I can code this, I do not
>> currently have time to do so. Anyone looking for a straightforward and very useful
>> project, this is a good one.

Sounds a good programme. Hopefully somebody will have time to, IMHO the current
situation is suboptimal.
All the best.

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