[Qgis-developer] The case for bugfix releases

Régis Haubourg regis.haubourg at eau-adour-garonne.fr
Sat Sep 28 12:15:44 PDT 2013

Hi all, 
I just kept silent seing how 2.0 release went out, and I must say I totally
agree with Jonathan. I have been funding bugfixing for 2.0 release, and
found that this is completly inadapted to commercial contracts, all goes to
fast in last months before the release. By contract, I mean "fix bug#235,
and 789 and so on". 
I would love to be able to donate blindly, but this is forbidden by public
market rules.  
Having a bug fix release every 3 or 6 months is necessary to me. And having
a release candidate for major versions changes is also absolutly needed. 

PSC says there is no bugfix by lack of ressources. Please consider I have
not been able to spend all my budget because of the very fast developpement
speed and the lack of visibility for contributors in last release. All my
time was burned in testing- bug tracking, not passing contracts. When I
finally launch a contract, 2/3 of the bugs were already solved when the work
I'm also aware of commercial support offered by some corps on QGIS, but they
are not affordable to us with the current diplayed prices. 
I also tried to contribute to clarify 2.1 roadmap a few months ago. We had
really interesting discussions on this. I would really have liked to see a
public roadmap indicating wih features or bugfix were accepted or consider
high or low priority in future versions. Even if this roadmap is often
modified, that is a need for funders and contributors. 

So.. any hope for us to see this happen? All the great stuff in 2.0 deserve
that we put some quality in that process. If funding or sponsoring can solve
this, please tell. At the moment, I don't think money is the first thing


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