[Qgis-developer] LoadFromTemplate method broken?

Vincent Damoy vincent.damoy at espaces-naturels.fr
Wed Dec 3 07:14:52 PST 2014

Hello all,

Since QGIS 2.6, the LoadFromTemplate method seems not work any more (or 
works differently?)

This is my code to add items in my composer from a template :

|self.composition=  self.composerView.composition()
doc.setContent(file1,  False)
self.composition.loadFromTemplate(doc,  substitutionMap=None,  addUndoCommands=False)|

Up to 2.4 version, this code worked great. But since the last QGIS 
update, nothing is imported from the template. I do not get either error 

I've readen in QGIS changelogs, that the "Load from template" button is 
replaced by a "softer" "Add items from template" one. But it's in the 
GUI... In the API doc, the LoadFromTemplate method is still present. And 
should still work?
Has anybody else encountered this problem?



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