[Qgis-developer] Wrong $length

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Wed Dec 24 10:04:07 PST 2014

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Il 24/12/2014 18:26, Werner Macho ha scritto:
> Hi Paolo! I confirm the behavior with negative and positive value. 
> But I also expired some kind of infinite loop when updating
> existing or creating new (not virtual) field. Seem to be some kind
> of error when _not_ using virtual field. Which is the correct
> length? Do you know? Probably both results are wrong (which would
> be ok if the line has an error inside anyway, but in that case it
> should also throw an error to a popup window).

Hi Werner,
thanks for help. Further tests, more puzzling results:
* contrary to expectations, GRASS v.clean does not lean up the vector
* the length in the virtual field appears correct
* cleaning up the vector by hand (removing duplicates) does not change
the results
* the topology checker plugin does not find topo errors, nor
duplicates, in both layers (the original and the cleaned up).
All the best.
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