[Qgis-developer] Crowdfunding for a Christmas gift to QGIS - live layer effects!

Nyall Dawson nyall.dawson at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 01:54:14 PST 2014

Hey all,

Just letting everyone know about a new crowdfunding project I've just launched:


This project aims to add live layer effects to QGIS which can be
applied to symbols. Some examples include live blur effects, drop
shadows, and outer glows. Think Photoshop style layer effects but
available directly within QGIS.

Initially this will be just for symbol layers, but the code will be
flexible enough to allow these effects to apply to composer items,
labelling, etc. Effects will also be stackable, eg, you can apply a
blur to a symbol and then a subsequent drop shadow effect.

Why crowdfund? Well, there's a lot of work left to get this to a
mergeable stage. It's not a sponsored project, and will take a lot of
time to complete. I think crowdfunding will be the best way of raising
the amount to fund my development time on this valuable feature.

So, please share the word!

Merry Christmas to all,

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