[Qgis-developer] PostGIS and QGIS as remote processors and WPS servers?

Stefan Keller sfkeller at gmail.com
Sun Feb 2 04:19:29 PST 2014


To PostGIS and QGIS devs: I'd like to get and setup a PostGIS "web
app" and later on a QGIS server (with Processing/Sextante) as >> WPS
Servers <<.
=> What is the status of the work regarding this ?

To QGIS devs: What about a switch in Processing tools (in QGIS
"Client") where users can enable geometric operations/processing on
server side, based on a wrapper around spatial databases (like PostGIS
and Spatialite)?

Yours, Stefan

P.S. at 2012/12/3 Vincent wrote to QGIS developer mailinglist:
> ...
> At Oslandia our priorities for Sextante are :
> * PostGIS and spatialite support for sextante, as intermediary layers and
> parameterized queries as processes, with import/export processes too.
> * add a bunch of postgis/spatialite classical processes (nearest neigbours,
> deduplication, spatial join, shortest path...)
> * Making sextante totally independant of qgis GUI, to be able to run sextante
> processes in batch in command line mode
> This will open the door to use Sextante as a real WPS processes generator,
> with features not unlike an ETL (or ELT).
> ...

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