[Qgis-developer] Supporting USER CRS's in QGIS Mapserver and QGIS Web Client

G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 03:11:11 PST 2014

I've been asked to support a customer of us to deploy a map where a custom
CRS has been defined.
After various tests I've identified almost all the issues that arise when
using a user defined CRS.

Given that user defined CRS (>100000) are automatically written and read by
QGIS to the user qgis.db database, it would add the possibility for QGIS MS
to use a custom CRS DB. I've been able to do it adding an env variable
(QGIS_CUSTOMCONFIG), similar to the custom config variable to QGIS startup:

QString configPath = getenv( "QGIS_CONFIGPATH" );
QgsApplication qgsapp( argc, argv, getenv( "DISPLAY" ),configPath );

This solves the problem of picking the USER:XXXXXX  CRS, but something else
needs to be done (I'm debugging to catch the point).
Before going on I would like to ask (Marco?) if it's something you would
incorporate in QGIS MS, and if you already know what should be done how
much would it take to do it.

The "EPSG" string should be set in a variable. In this way a different
authid could be set, e.g. "USER". Otherwise the requests to the server will
always be with an EPSG CRS.

What do you think about these improvements? Do they fit in both the
I think yes. This way planetary maps could be deployed too ;)

Have a good day,

Giovanni Allegri
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_giohappy_
blog: http://blog.spaziogis.it
GEO+ geomatica in Italia http://bit.ly/GEOplus
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