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Hi all,

Thanks Paolo for openining this topic. I would like to add some context
around it.

* Anita has also a great repository to style OSM data :

* The work I did in osm-in-qgis repo is based on OSM data from Geofabrik
(on purpose, to facilitate the use for users). The styles in this repo are
a proof of concept and really need improvements (and simplification when
A quick link to see what it looks like :

I agree with you that we should now base this kind of wokr on the "new" osm
importer in QGIS. This could be a 4th step (1- download OSM data, 2- put
them in a sqlite db , 3-extract some data into tables). We could think of a
way to store more than one style and let the user choose one among those
available. A little bit like the "Color Ramp Manager" let the user download
and update color palettes.


2014-02-07 Paolo Cavallini <cavallini at faunalia.it>:

> Hi all.
> I think an automatic styling of freshly downloaded OSM data would be a
> big plus for QGIS, especially for courses (I do a lot of them all
> around, and it is always painful to customize them, and embarrassing to
> reuse data from my region).
> I know of two approaches to the problem:
> * https://github.com/3liz/osm-in-qgis
> * Mayeul work e.g. on http://www.outdoormaps.org/simple_map.htm
> I think with a minimal effort we could incorporate that in QGIS:
> * the user downloads the data from OSM and loads them into spatialite,
> with the new tool
> * he adds the styles (please note we have implemented a way to
> automatically store and load from spatialite).
> Could we smooth out the path for this, and add the above mentioned
> styles as default ones for QGIS?
> Could we document this as an early entry for the course material under
> preparation?
> All the best, and thanks.
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