[Qgis-developer] Styling OSM data

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Tue Feb 11 00:41:00 PST 2014

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Il 09/02/2014 05:41, Tim Sutton ha scritto:

> There is also the service we provide at http://osm.linfiniti.com - currently they are
> integrated into the inasafe plugin. The tool lets you get buildings and roads (I plan
> to add support for more features in the future) and applies default styles. It also
> does some server side processing to tidy up the data a bit. Unlike geofabric, the osm
> data is processed on the fly and returned immediately - although this means there are
> limits to how large an area you can fetch.
> [1] http://test.inasafe.org/en/user-docs/application-help/openstreetmap_downloader.html
> Personally I would like a solution that uses our existing OSM downloader (in Vector
> menu) and styles the data client side after it is retrieved. We could probably port
> some of the logic from our osm reporter app too.

Hi all.
Could this be a GSoC project? Would someone take the lead on this?
All the best.

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