[Qgis-developer] one email address for plugin approvers

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Thu Feb 13 13:33:49 PST 2014

On 13-02-14 20:23, Alex Mandel wrote:

>> For the first point (orange block) can we standardize on Github? Can we
>> ask from the average plugin author to put his code on Github? Because
>> then an author has both an issuetracker and either a README or a wiki.
> We have always stated that any issue tracker/code hosting is acceptable.
> Including:
> github, bitbucket, sourceforge, or hub.qgis.org
> We encourage the use of hub.qgis.org for the issue tracker and at least
> a clone of a git repo if it's hosted elsewhere.
> 1. So tickets can all be on hub.qgis where a qgis user is likely to go
> anyways
> 2. So it's possible for the community to easily adopt abandoned plugins,
> or combine additional developers from other plugins.
> I disagree with the need for a standard as coders should have
> flexibility in their choice. I do agree that they should have something
> though, hence we offer hosting if they're looking for the simplest option.

Clear. I'm with you that we do not need a standard for coders.

I want to keep it easy, even for inexperienced coders to create and
publish their plugins.

Myself I started with my plugins sources on hub, but had problems with
that. That is the reason I moved to Github (and the fact that it has a
nice issuetracker etc).

So not forcing to some kind of system. Just enforcing at least a public
code repository + email. And preferably a issuetracker and a webpage.



Richard Duivenvoorde

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