[Qgis-developer] .ui file and photo widget

Matthias Kuhn matthias.kuhn at gmx.ch
Thu Feb 20 02:16:53 PST 2014


Today I tried to integrate a photo widget in a custom .ui-editor-form - 
with no success.

It was possible to integrate the lineedit and connect a pushbutton to 
open a file browser, but I could not get the preview field to show up.
Did somebody manage to do this?

Looking at the sourcecode it seems, that the "editor widget" (think of 
this as a master widget connected by its name to a certain field) is the 
lineedit, but then connecting its change event to a label (the picture 
preview widget) would require the label to be the "editor widget".

In short: it seems impossible to me, but please let me know if I forgot 
about something.

For 2.4 I am still working on a general editor widget system update, 
where I my plans are to introduce the possibility to make a container 
the "editor widget" and then just throw all the additional control 
widgets in there. Doing this will be in addition to any currently 
supported scheme (i.e. This will not break your existing .ui files)

Thank you for your response,

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