[Qgis-developer] Requesting bug fix extension through weekend

Sandro Santilli strk at keybit.net
Fri Feb 21 03:59:11 PST 2014

On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 12:39:04PM +0100, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> Il 21/02/2014 12:32, Bo Victor Thomsen ha scritto:
> > What kind of resources are we talking about ? Maintainer duties, developer resources,
> > Sponsor money ? And how much ?
> > 
> > I might possibly be able to get some of my customers to "cough up some cash" for a
> > stable branch.
> That's good news! Either developer time or money would do.
> An estimate will strongly depend on who could take care of it.

Just to add some background info about "taking care" of a stable

There have been 14 commits between tags "final-2_0_0" and "final-2_0_1".
The download page makes you download 2.0.1.

There are 42 commits between tag "final-2_0_1" and current tip of 
the "release-2_0" branch, but no final "2.0.2" release exists.

Latest commit in the branch was on Mon Feb 3 15:25:35 2014 +0100,
that is 18 days ago (2.5 weeks).

I think "taking care of stable releases" would be first of all setting
some rules about when a new stable release is due. I think this would be
the duty of the release manager. My proposal was to "cut" a new release
after some days (or weeks) of inactivity since last commit. For example
if it is after 2 weeks, we would be ready to cut a 2.0.2 right now.

Once rules are setup, we'd need:

 1. Someone to execute the "cutting" rule (ie: go throught the process
    of closing a final version when it is due).

 2. Someone to guard after what activity is allowed or not allowed
    in the stable branch.

 3. Any number of developers backporting bugfixes to the stable branch.

The first task could be delivered on-demand.
The second task would be best covered by a "maintainer role".
The third task could be taken care of by anyone.


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