[Qgis-developer] INSTALL.txt

Bernd Vogelgesang bernd.vogelgesang at gmx.de
Sat Feb 22 18:32:40 PST 2014

In my struggle to manage to build QGIS from source, I finally found the  
INSTALL-file on github. (No link to this from the website! At least I  
couldn't find anything)

I just want to remark, that under

Optional dependencies:
- for georeferencer - GSL >= 1.8

the version number can't be correct, cause there is no such high version  
This might be no big problem for most people, but for a noob like me, this  
is causing hysteria and increasing blood pressure.

I think it came into existence from an old version i found here
where it sais:

- for georeferencer - GSL >= ? (works with 1.8)

In general, I would also like to remark, that it would be very nice to  
have kind of a wiki for build instructions for the different platforms and  
versions and the different related resources like GDAL, spatialite etc. as  
well, cause I have to build GDAL myself for MrSID and FGDB-support (and  
without that, QGIS on Linux is quite useless for me, at least not for  
productive work).
Finding all these infos (and sometimes not very congruentt ones) in  
different blogs and forums is ridiculously time-consuming. And when I  
already invest so much time in fiddling out this, I would like to have the  
other parts state of the art as well, but there is unfortunately no common  
place for instructions on the related items.


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