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Jürgen E. Fischer jef at norbit.de
Sun Feb 23 06:20:17 PST 2014


On Sun, 23. Feb 2014 at 13:20:15 +0100, Bernd Vogelgesang wrote:
> This message was written to show a really minor mistake in the install  
> text on github,

Oh, sorry, I missed that.  I was probably too concentrated on trying to explain
that version 1.16 is higher than 1.8. ;)

> And when I finally successfully built everything, I would be happy to  
> publish my findings .. but where? Just on an other blog or in another  
> blogs comments, which will be outdated soon?

Here, if it's something that should be integrated in INSTALL and you don't want
to jump to the hoops on github to issue a pull request to doc/INSTALL.t2t & co.
You could also file a ticket on hub.qgis.org.

There's although a wiki there - but chances are that blogs and that wiki page
share the same fate.


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