[Qgis-developer] Using PostGIS on a slow connection

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Wed Feb 26 06:48:00 PST 2014

> Some of the slowness is understandable, some not really, e.g. why
> deactivating a layer in the legend should require time?

that's a case where the render-cache should work. When deactivating a
layer, QGIS will just redraw all remaining visible layers. In case the
render-cache was active it would just draw the layers from the cache.

Unfortunately the render cache introduced issues and did not work well
with certain data providers (e.g. WMS). That's why I do not use it

Maybe Martin could comment if the idea of the render-cache is still
feasible or useful at all with the new multi-threaded renderer.


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