[Qgis-developer] Atlas export Python script not working in 2.2

Hugo Mercier hugo.mercier at oslandia.com
Thu Feb 27 07:47:12 PST 2014

Le 27/02/2014 16:32, mattwalsh a écrit :
> Thanks for the pointers Alexandre and Hugo.
> I have tried setting myAtlasMap.setAtlasDriven(True) which still produces
> the same results. 
> I have found that myAtlas.numFeatures() returns 0, which is strange because
> when i run the script (with no feature filter on) it clearly iterates over
> the entire the atlas layer. 
> I am thinking it might be something to do with the atlas render? 
> I have also tried setting myComposition.setAtlasMode(True) and
> myAtlas.setEnabled(True) to no avail. 

I think it is myComposition.setAtlasMode( QgsComposition.ExportAtlas )

You can have a look at test units in :
tests/src/python/test_qgsatlascomposition.py (which ... apparently are
failing now ...)

Hugo Mercier

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