[Qgis-developer] Save button in 1-n relations form

Matthias Kuhn matthias.kuhn at gmx.ch
Fri Feb 28 03:48:52 PST 2014

Hi Rémi,

I agree, this button could be added if there is a demand for it (and it 
seems that there is, as you are missing it :) )

For now, I see an even more annoying bug. If you change something in an 
embedded form, these changes are not automatically written to the edit 
buffer when you click the toggle edit button, but instead you need to 
close the embedded form (that means: switch to the form of another 
related feature or close the attribute form) before you are able to 
save the edits to the datasource itself. As soon as you have done that 
you should be able to click the toggle edit button in the embedded form 
to save the edits (Will turn off edit mode of course).

I was also wondering if this kind of auto-commit-to-edit-buffer is 
expected by the user or if users rather expect some kind of action they 
need to take in order to commit stuff to the edit buffer (as in the 
feature form, where you confirm with ok or decline with cancel). The 
situation will hopefully improve with the next release (if I find the 
time for it...) as the feedback in terms of color changes (red for 
changed-but-not-yet-commited features) in the feature list will only be 
updated as soon as the user actually changed the contents of the form.


On Fri 28 Feb 2014 11:35:11 AM CET, Rémi Bovard wrote:
> Hi,
> After playing a little bit with the new 1-n relations (very powerful),
> I wondering why there is not a save button next to the toggle edit
> button, like in the edit toolbar. For now, if we want to save a child,
> we need to close the edition and accept the changes.
> Don't you think it will be better to have the same behaviour as in the
> standard edit process?
> Thanks.
> Rémi
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