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I had a similar problem and found help,  here can you look, how I solved 


My problem was that I used the sources for 2.1.0 and not for 2.0.1 to 
compile my plugin. The next thing is that I could only compile it for a 
QGIS 2.0.1 (32 bit). In the 64bit version it isn't shown!
Until now I couldn't compile a QGis for  64 bit.

Happy new year!
Susann Schmidt

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[Qgis-developer] C++ plugins instructions

I have an issue that after upgrading my C++ plugins to 2.0.1, they do not
show up in the 2.0 version of QGIS. Has the procedure for identifying and
installing C++ plugins in QGIS 2.0+ changed? I have tried using the 
plugins generator and that does not show up also in the 2.0 version. 

I have asked this question more than three times and I have not heard a
reply. May be it is the holidays, but I have been asking since October the
same question. I looked and tried many ways, and I am still without an
response. Is there a new instruction for plugin registration? Do we have a
new policy to limit C++ plugins from users, a new unwritten policy to 
C++ plugins? 

Just wondering,

Maaza Christos, PhD

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