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Hi, I list the main ideas / needs that have emerged from a hypothetical use in the office where I currently work (hypothetical because we currently uses a proprietary software):
1. Procedure to print ONLY the attribute tables: with the management of layout, borders, text, fit to page, etc..2. Report Creator for attribute table: integrating existing open-source programs or write new ones directly integrated into Qgis for GIS uses with sums, partial sums, statistics on the elements present in the fields etc..3. Managing the attribute table as a LibreOffice Calc (or Office Excel) filtered table: make available in an automatic way a filter in the column header that brings all the unique values ​​and then allow the possibilities via checkboxes to filter what "see" and "don't see" and that visibility is reflected "at the same time" on the map (user choice).4. Reflect the colors classification of the geometry in attribute table: ie the background color of the rows in the attribute table correspond to the color set in the corresponding geometries (difficulty or inability with particular types of backgrounds / textures / gradients?).
Points 1, 2 and 3 are closely linked. Point 1. is already well-developed in the print layout of Qgis but my idea is to further refinement and "simplification", something like: Print -> Print Attribute Table ... and then from there I manage only the table, as described above (with particular reference to the most common print sizes A4 and A3). Point 2. could be a future step... users served / liked the Print Attribute Table? If YES we implement the Report Creator. Point 3. could be 2a. in the sense that it is closely related to 2. but with direct applications on the geometry (and of course also on the printouts of derived maps).

Sorry for the length of the text but I hope It was clear. Thank you very much for taking the time to read, but above all thank you for having created and subsequently developed this amazing software, I hope that these proposals can serve and be of interest to other users.
King regardsLuca 
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