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Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Tue Jan 7 03:06:16 PST 2014

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Personally I think that it is time to start implementing a reporting
within QGIS itself. We already have a very good start with the Atlas

If we want something integrated with not a lot of dependencies and
something relatively easy to use then we should not rely on external
tools, esp. if they are from the Java world.

Let alone that users would have to learn an entirely new tool just for
reporting whereas they may already be familiar with the QGIS concepts,
like expressions, data-defined values, the upcoming database
relations, etc.

With the other GIS we use (Autodesk) there is a combination with
Crystal Reports. It feels very strange, out of place and you would
need extra licenses. For that reason it is not in use very much -
whereas there would be a real need for a good GIS integrated reporting
tool in our organization.

This won't happen over night but it can be gradually improved.

- ---------

If we add python and expressions into the game and the HTML text box
you can already do a lot. You have the full HTML/CSS/SVG stuff
available. The major concern I have is about text flow and page
breaks. Currently these floatable HTML frames that can flow to a
different page just break in the middle of the content - e.g. a table
cell can be split across two pages - which is bad. I wonder if the
page/frame break situation can be improved with reasonable efforts?

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btw: I agree with Matthias that it would be good to have these
aggregate functions as a QgsExpression.

Hopefully this thread will ignite a QGIS based reporting tool. My
organization would support such an effort financially and I would also
do testing and contribute ideas.


Am 07.01.2014 11:56, schrieb Matthias Kuhn:
> How about adding this feature (aggregate functions like
> max/min/avg etc.) to QgsExpression instead? Then it could not only
> be used in the composer.
> Best Matthias
> On Tue 07 Jan 2014 11:50:24 AM CET, Bernhard Ströbl wrote:
>> Hm,
>> if you look at JasperReports it is Java. Can you implement this 
>> internally into QGIS? Looking at reports in general some kind of 
>> programming will always be needed to generate an individual
>> report because the data structure is individual, too, so I think
>> it will always be something for specialists. An idea to start
>> with would be to create a new element in Composer that makes
>> simple calculations like sum or average on a field: Choose layer
>> - choose field - choose what to do. Evaluation time will be the 
>> same as for the map (either permanetly or on request but at
>> least before printing).
>> Bernhard
>> Am 07.01.2014 11:16, schrieb Paolo Cavallini:
> Il 06/01/2014 10:40, Bernhard Ströbl ha scritto:
>>>>> the need to create some kind of reports is often uttered.
>>>>> IMHO a dedicated reporting tool can always handle this
>>>>> better than anything implemented in QGIS or any other GIS 
>>>>> (because it is not a main GIS feature). I successfully
>>>>> coupled a Python implementation of JasperReports [1] with
>>>>> QGIS. JasperReports not only allows sum/average and the
>>>>> like but also subreports (for ?:n relations) charts and
>>>>> much more. AFAIK (but have not tried myself) LibreOffice
>>>>> output is possible, too. This solution needs some Python
>>>>> programming to create an XML document from your data and 
>>>>> send the data and the report template to the server.
> Hi all. I agree this is an important issue. I heard there was some
> plan to implement this: anyone knows the current status, and the
> prospects for the future? Obviously, we have always the same
> duality: implementing outside QGIS is easier and more powerful,
> reusing existing tools, whereas an internal implementation is far 
> smoother from an user point of view. Historically, in most
> analogous cases we ended up implementing an internal solution 
> (sometimes using common libs), and I suspect sooner or later we'll 
> have to do the same for reporting also. All the best.
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