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+1 from me for reporting tool for QGIS. This is important feature we
missed in QGIS. I proposed this idea some time ago (about year or
two) but didn't get much feedback. Now situation changed, much more
peoples are interested in such tool.

In terms of implementation, there is not only Jasper (which is Java), but
also other more or less powerful reporting tools/engines. For example,
there is a NCReports (C++/Qt), it has both commercial and opensource
versions (but AFAIK opensource one is a bit unmaintained), there is
OpenRPT (also C++/Qt, but without runtime report designer), QtRPT
(experimental), Exaro. Also there is a wonderful FastReports report engine,
but unfortunately it AFAIK Windows only, there is an opensource
crossplatform version called FreeReports.

2014/1/7 Paolo Cavallini <cavallini at faunalia.it>:
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> Il 07/01/2014 12:06, Andreas Neumann ha scritto:
>> Hi,
>> Personally I think that it is time to start implementing a reporting
>> within QGIS itself. We already have a very good start with the Atlas
>> feature.
>> Hopefully this thread will ignite a QGIS based reporting tool. My
>> organization would support such an effort financially and I would also
>> do testing and contribute ideas.
> That's also my aim, and hope.
> Any taker? We do not need to build everything at once, there are a number of small
> steps, as outlined by Andreas, that would already allow much.
> Perhaps we should start a (wiki ;) ) page on specs?
> All the best.
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