[Qgis-developer] Reporting engine

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Tue Jan 7 04:44:09 PST 2014


I am starting a new thread on the reporting engine. As it generates a
lot of interest and the content is not related to attribute tables
anymore ...

I think it would be good to schedule a meeting at the next Hackfest in

Meanwhile it would be good to find out if the existing C++/QT based
solutions could be used from a licensing and from a technical point of
view. We could also start collecting requirements in a wiki. Or if it
may be wiser to write something from scratch based on our existing API
and the current Atlas functionality.

The question with the separate tools and libraries is if they could be
well integarted. Ideally the GUI would be in separate panels and
toolbars inside the QGIS print composer and not with a separate tool or

Could someone open a wiki page for collecting the requirements and facts
about existing reporting tools? I am not too familiar with the new QGIS
infrastructure yet - just read you are migrating the content currently.

Thanks, Alex, for listing the C++ based options! Its a good start.

I had a very quick look on some of them. OpenRPT is GPL, which is nice,
but last update at Sourceforge from 2011 - not so nice. Or is QtRPT the
followup project?

Exaro does not show a lot of activity - last update 2009? Same for
FreeReport (last update 2002). I have severe doubts if a project hadn't
been updated for more thant tow years

NCReports seems to be quite powerful and advanced but I have doubts
about the license. Something to find out/negotiate.


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