[Qgis-developer] svg output in composer

Vincent Mora vincent.mora at oslandia.com
Thu Jan 9 01:36:31 PST 2014


I'd like to improve the svg output of the composer, specifically:
(1) - put each layers in a separate svg group
(2) - fix #3975 (maybe with an option vectorise fonts yes/no to avoid 
breaking things in labelling)

To realize (1) I need to have some kind of action when the rendering of 
a layer starts. I'm considering the emission of a signal in 
qgsmaprenderer.cpp loop so that the impact on the rest of the code is 
minimal. I'll then have to create a custom QPaintDevice (based on 
QSvgGenator code) that will insert group tags in the svg when the signal 
is emmited.

I'm a bit worried in case of multi-threaded rendering since the layers 
are rendered in parallel, can someone give me some insight on this point 
? Is the multi-threaded/serial rendering dependent on the QPaintDevice 
beeing used ?

For (2) some insight from those who are familiar with the labeling would 
save me a lot of time.

Comments on the soundness of the design (or lack of it) are very welcome.

Cheers, and Happy new year to all.


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