[Qgis-developer] Map Canvas Current Zoomed Extent

Bjorn Nyberg bjorn.burr.nyberg at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 01:28:51 PST 2014


I had a couple of questions that I was hoping could be answered here on the
mailing list. I am trying to write some code to find the current zoomed in
rectangular extent of my Map Canvas by the following pyqgis API function

however I receive the error

TypeError: QgsMapCanvas.extent(): first argument of unbound method must
have type 'QgsMapCanvas'

Im not entirely certain what that is saying - first argument of unbound

I want to apply this rectangular extent to the openlayers google earth
imagery and extract the current imagery as a spatially referenced raster
image. I dont know if anyone else has done this already or had some
suggestions? I was thinking that one could get the rendered image view in
the canvas and simply apply the extent mentioned above within the WGS84

Any help is appreciated,
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