[Qgis-developer] QWC first implementation of configurable search results output

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Mon Jan 13 07:11:26 PST 2014


>> Thanks for the changes. Do you have an existing test installation
>> publically available. The GlobalOptions.js contain quite a few different
>> settings that wouldn't make it compatible with the demo projects in the
>> main branch. So it is a bit of work to set up your copy at my machine.
> Not yet sorry, will be probably available in a couple of weeks.
> My intention was to make all possible configuration parameters optional, so
> that QWC can run with minimal (ideally no) configuration.
> Your difficulties mean that I've failed :)
> All new settings I've introduced are tested for
> typeof('nameofsetting')=='undefined' and shouldn't be mandatory or have
> smart defaults.

Well - I did not really try. To be honest. I was just wondering if there
was an instance already set up that I can test.

I just saw the italian search configuration (CatastoFabbricatiSearch)
and assumed that it would not work with the small demo projects we have
(the hello world and natural earth example).

If you would put a compatible test project with a spatialite db in the
projects file I could more easily test the new search system. Even
better would be if you could enhance the existing projects (e.g. natural
earth) and provide a working search demo with this project. It would be
easier to merge with the main branch later on.


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