[Qgis-developer] Standalone QGIS development

Mael Taye tmaelo at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 14 06:11:06 PST 2014

 Hello everyone , 
 I did a project on Qgis -plugin development using the python API and Qt-Designer and it was an Awesome experience.now i am trying to develop standalone QGIS using the python API and Qt-designer as i used in the plugin development.
the reason for my development is 
1. i didn't want direct database editing and i want to put a middle-ware  
2. i want to have more rich and simple GUI 
3. i want to add authentication module 
so am looking for a material to start standalone development and it is not that much i could found on the internet and if there is a way to achieve this requirements using the plugin approach please let me know. 

Best Regards,
Mael Taye
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