[Qgis-developer] New Save as... dialog

Werner Macho werner.macho at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 11:15:21 PST 2014


No problem with harsh .. I did not even understand it in that way :)

> +1 There should definitely be consistency between the vector and raster
> "save as" dialogs.
> Imho, the raster solution where all options are aligned in one column is
> preferable.
> I also see quite a big empty area in the left column when I open the vector
> "save as" dialog. I can decrease the height of the dialog manually but it
> jumps back to the bigger size once I open "more options".

The more options are usually not needed - it should only be necessary
to open it if you know what you are doing.

>> * CRS selector is different
> In case of CRS selector, I think I prefer the raster solution. Here's why:
> 1. The raster solution has only one dropdown box where the vector solution
> needs a dropdown and a text box; 2. The vector solution is confusing because
> the CRS name in the (greyed out) text box is not updated when the user
> changes between layer, project, and selected CRS.

I agree with the change in the CRS selector ..

>> * I see no point in having an empty collapsible box (Datasource Options,
>> Layer Options for Shapefiles)

If GDAL is extended with new options not available in the
preselectable options (or you have your own newer version of GDAL
installed) there is always the possibility to enter these new options
manual in these boxes (sometimes the commands can be quite long -
hence the space to overlook the full command). If you know a way of
hiding these boxes (again - more options should not be necessary to be
opened) it would be nice to make them smaller .. I did find no way.
> + 1 for no empty collapsible boxes.
which will mean that we loose functionality

>> * minor stuff could be made more consistent (e.g. Save as is over the box
>> in vector,
>> and on the side in raster; Capitals should be only for the first word)

Thats a thing I will take care of ..

> The raster dialog lacks the very useful "Add saved file to project"
> checkbox.
> Another small thing: I don't know about your experience, but I would very
> much like to have the "Add saved file to project" checkbox ticked by
> default.

Would be nice .. If I find out how I will add it ..


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