[Qgis-developer] option to disable font vectorization in labels

Vincent Mora vincent.mora at oslandia.com
Tue Jan 21 01:24:00 PST 2014

Hi all,

I'm working on improving svg export from composer. The aim is to be able 
to fine tune maps in a vector graphics editor (e.g. Illustrator or 

I already added an option to have each map layer in an different svg 
group that will be recognized by Inkscape as a layer 

Now I'd like to have text (especially labels) exported as text and not 
as paths.

At the moment text is vectorized (drawn with QPainter::drawPath) for 
understandable portability reasons. While this can remain the default, 
an option would be a nice addition and solve 

The option must be passed to QgsPalLabeling (tested, works at lest for 
simple cases).

The question is where to put this option ?

So far I think of 3 places:
- a global project option: you will see the result in the canvas as you work
- a layer label option: in this case you have to change the behavior for 
each layer
- a composer option: you make the choice when you export to svg, in this 
case you don't see the result until you open the svg

Suggestion ?



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