[Qgis-developer] qgis 2.2: removing spit and disabling "avoid intersection of new polygons"

Blumentrath, Stefan Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
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Regarding the "avoid intersection" problem: I agree with Giovanni, that this is one of the (or maybe even the major) strength of digitising functionality in QGIS, making it the probably most userfriendly and efficient GIS for digitising available.

>From my point of view proper digitising is a very important GIS feature for "basic" (and potential new QGIS) users. So, the topology imprecision is definitely a reasonable disadvantage in this regards, and personally I would give a high priority to fixing this.

However, I would not deactivate "avoid intersection" (but maybe make users aware of this issue (e.g. by adding a hint in the UI-lable)). Because, the (possibly) incorrect topology (with very small errors) can in many cases be fixed e.g. using GRASS`s v.clean through processing. I know that this is not elegant, but better than not havind this option at all...


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Il 24/01/2014 18:30, Giovanni Manghi ha scritto:

> a while ago I proposed to get rid of SPIT as it is unmaintained and
> now redundant with a similar tool in the processing toolbox. This will
> happen for 2.2?

+1. I think this will solve also some long standing ticket.

> More serious is the issue with the "avoid intersection" option in the
> snapping dialog:
> the functionality is broken as it often does not remove all the
> overlapped parts, leaving behind (very) small areas and creating
> multipart polygons when it is supposed to not happen.
> There have been some discussion (and even a fix funding proposal) but
> afaik no work has been done.
> As this tool does not work as advertised and creates a lot of issues
> when digitizing maps than need to be topologically correct, then I
> propose to disable it until fixed (and this is a pity, as is one of
> the most powerful options in qgis regarding dizigiting).
> What is your opinion?

we still have several bugfixing weeks left, and some resources to fix them.
It would be useful to agree on a prioritization.


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